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Have the skills to start making money on the side, as a casual freelancer, or full time as a work-from-home freelancer Easily create a beautiful HTML & CSS website with Bootstrap (that doesn't look like generic Bootstrap websites!) Convert any static HTML & CSS website into a Custom WordPress Theme Have a thorough understanding of utilizing PHP to create WordPress websites & themes Feel comfortable with the process of turning static websites into dynamic WordPress websites Fully understand how to use Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress Allow your clients to update their websites by themselves by creating user accounts
Course Updated on July 18th, 2016
The final course files now include the latest version of Bootstrap and WordPress, for your convenience.
Do you want to supercharge your HTML, CSS & PHP knowledge and learn how to turn them into a real business that can make you more money as a freelancer?
Whether you're a freelance designer, entrepreneur, employee for a company, code hobbyist, or looking for a new career — this course gives you an immensely valuable skill that will enable you to either:
Make money on the side
So you can save up for that Hawaiian vacation you've been wanting, help pay off your debt, your car, your mortgage, or simply just to have bonus cash laying around.
Create a full-time income
WordPress developers have options. Many developers make a generous living off of creating custom WordPress themes and selling them on websites like ThemeForest. Freelance designers and developers can also take on WordPress projects and make an extra $1,000 - $5,000+ per month.
Who Should Take This Course?
Graphic & Web Designers
Graphic designers are extremely talented, but ask them to code their designs and they'll freeze up! This leaves them with no other choice but to hire a web developer. Any professional graphic designers knows web developers can be expensive. If you're a designer, learning to code your own WordPress websites can change your business entirely! Now, not only are you a great designer, but you're a skillful developer, too! This puts you in a position tomake an extra $1,000 – $5,000 per project.
Entrepreneurs have big dreams, and in many cases, shoestring budgets. In order to survive in the cut-throat world of the Startup company, it's a necessity to have a world-class website. However, world-class websites come with a large price tag. If you can learn how to build a high-quality startup website by yourself, then you've just saved yourself a lot of cash, tens of thousands of dollars in many cases.
Employees of a company
Any company knows the education & training of their employees is key to a thriving team. Depending on the type of company you work for, if you understand how to code, and can develop CMS driven websites, that gives you negotiating power for a better position, or a higher salary.
Code Hobbyists
It's fun to learn challenging new skills. Code hobbyists can add dynamic websites to their arsenal of tools to play with — you can even sell WordPress themes and plugins for cash! The possibilities are truly endless.
People Looking for a New Career
Are you out of work? Looking for a more rewarding job? Desire a career that can allow you to work almost anywhere in the world? Becoming a Web Developer might be the answer for you.
Web developers are paid well, anywhere from $33,000 to more than $105,000 per year.
They get to work at amazing companies that are changing the world, or they enjoy the ability to start their own companies, become location-independent and work from home, from coffee shops, in an airplane, on the beach, or wherever they want!
Final Project Features
Throughout this entire course, you work towards building an incredibly beautiful, 100% custom website using the Bootstrap framework. The coolest part? The Bootstrap website doesn't look anything like the Bootstrap websites you see all over the Internet. It's a highly customized design, and the type of website layout I use when I build custom WordPress websites for my real-life clients. The final project features:
Sexy & Modern Design
You get to work with a modern, professional quality design & layout.
Quality HTML5 & CSS3
You'll learn how hand-craft a stunning website with valid, semantic and beautiful HTML5 & CSS3.
Easy-to-use CMS
Allow your clients to easily update their websites by converting your static websites to dynamic websites, using WordPress.
You can dramatically increase your efficiency, and supercharge your web development skills.
And by doing so, you'll effectively be able to take on more projects, charge higher rates, and make more money as a freelancer.
Why take this course?
I don't mess around. I do this for a living, and I'm sharing you my exact process for making a comfortable living as a work-from-home web developer. There is absolutely no filler in this course, no fluff, just 100% quality content, nothing less. If you take this course, follow my lead, and take action — I guarantee you will not only love the course, but you'll see real results; you will have the skills & confidence to take on WordPress projects for clients, charge more money, and make the value of the course back in a single project. If you hate the course (which you won't) you have 30-days to get a 100% refund — no risk, no problem.
Who is the target audience?
This course is for those who are self-driven and take action! The skills you will learn in this course will allow you to create an income on the side, or build a full-time business creating custom WordPress websites for clients.
Do you have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP? This course will supercharge those skills and turn them into incredibly valuable assets.
If you don't have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS or PHP, you're going to have a difficult time with this course, and should brush up on those skills before investing in this course.
This course is probably not for you if you don't like humour, fast-paced hands-on learning, or learning skills that can change your life.
This course is for those who want to start a web development business on the side, or full-time as a work-from-home freelancer.
This course is probably not for you if you don't like humour, fast-paced hands-on learning, or learning skills that can significantly improve your business or even change your life.
If you like the idea of creating an income on the side, learning to code custom WordPress websites with a framework like Bootstrap is a surefire way to get yourself some extra freelance gigs.
course outline:1.Getting Started With This Course
Welcome To The Course! You Made The Right Decision
The (Beautiful) Final WordPress Website You Are Going To Build In This Course
What is Bootstrap? And Why Mastering It Will Save You Hundreds of Hours
Bootstrap Pop Quiz
What is WordPress? And Why You Should Care So Much About It
2.Environment Setup: Get Your Project Started
Free Download: The Bootstrap Framework
Free Download: The Final Course Files + WordPress Theme!
Setting Up Your Project Environment
3.Bootstrap Templates: The Home Page
Code The Basic Webpage Layout
Adding External Scripts to Your HTML Document
Install Free Icon Fonts with FontAwesome
Install Free Web Fonts with TypeKit & Google Fonts
Code the Header and Navigation Sections
Code the Hero Section
Style the Hero Section with CSS
Learn How To Create The Parallax Scrolling Effect in Less Than 5-Minutes
Learn to Code a High-Converting "Opt-In" Section
Learn How to Create a Modal Popup using Bootstrap
Code the "Boost Your Income" Section
Code the "Who Should Take This Course" Section Code the "Course Features" Section Using CSS Sprites
Code the "Final Project" Section
Code the Featurette Section and Embed a YouTube Video
Code the Instructor Section (Plus BONUS Elvis Impressions!)
Code Beautiful CSS3 Circles
The Simple Trick to Vertically Align Your Content Within an Element
Code the Testimonials and Learn to Turn Square Images into Circles using CSS3
Code the Sign Up Section
Code the Footer
Responsive Media Queries & General CSS Cleanup
4.Bootstrap Templates: The Blog Overview
Code the Basic Markup Structure
Code the Blog Excerpts with HTML
Style the Blog Excerpts with CSS
Code and Style the Sidebar & Widgets
5.Bootstrap Templates: The Blog Posts
Code the Blog Post
Code the Comments Section
6.Bootstrap Templates: The Resources Page
The Importance of a Resources Page
Code the 3-Column Layout Resources Page
7.Bootstrap Templates: The Contact Page
Code the Contact Form
8.WordPress Theme: Set Up
Download the Latest Version of WordPress
Create Your "Underscores" Starter Theme
Install WordPress on Your Local Machine in Under 5-Minutes
Installing Your Underscores Theme
Convert Your Static Header to a Dynamic Header
Cover Your Assets (Adding Your Styles, Scripts, Fonts & Images)
Clean Up Your Stylesheet & Modify Your CSS for WordPress
Convert Your Static Footer to a Dynamic Footer
9.Convert Your Static Templates: Home Page
Create a Home Page WordPress Template
Code the Hero & Use "Custom Fields" for Extra Info
Amazing Plugin: Advanced Custom Fields
Code the "Boost Your Income" Section with Advanced Custom Fields
Code the "Who Should Take This Course" Section with Advanced Custom Fields
Amazing Plugin: Custom Post Types UI
Add "Course Features" Using CPT & Advanced Custom Fields
Add the "Project Features" with Custom Post Types UI
Code the Instructor Section with Advanced Custom Fields
Code the Testimonials with Custom Post Types
Clean Your Template Using get_template_part()
10.Convert Your Static Templates: Resources Page
Create a Custom Resources Template
Add a Feature Image, and a Fallback Image
How to Add a Resource and Display It In Your Custom Theme
11.Convert Your Static Templates: The Blog
Easily Set Up Your Custom Blog Index Page
Code Your Individual Blog Excerpts
Code the Full Blog Post
Style and Customize the Comments Section
Customize the Archive Template
Customize the Search Results Template
12.Convert Your Static Templates: Contact Page
Create & Customize a Full Width Template
Install Contact Form 7 Plugin and Add Your Custom Form
13.Finalize Your WordPress Theme
Adding & Customizing Your Sidebar Widgets
Register and Organize Your Custom WordPress Menus
Create a Useful & Engaging 404 Page
14.Launching Your WordPress Website
First, You're Going To Need a Reliable & Affordable Web Host
Install WordPress Like a Pro
Install and Configure Your Custom WordPress Theme on a Live Server
15.The Final Details
Track Your Visitors With Google Analytics
You've Created Your Own Custom WordPress Theme! Now What?
16.Bonus Lectures: Tips & Tricks
Why You Should NEVER Remove CSS Outlines
Important note on the following lectures
Two Ways Building Custom WordPress Websites Will Make You More Money
My Fear Of Building Custom WordPress Websites Cost Me $24,000
Static vs. Dynamic Websites, Which Is Better? (Hint: One Is Way More Valuable)
Why You Must Always Start Your Website With a Sketch
Recommended Resources for Sketching & Wireframing Your Website
Information Architecture Quiz
This course does not have any sections.

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