Mastering AS400

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AS/400 System Concepts & Architecture
Overview of the system
General awareness of the As/400 System
Libraries, Files and Members
Library list concept and related commands
Functions of AS/400
ADTS (Application Development Tool Set)

DB2/400 (DDS Interface)
Overview of DB2/400 Concept
Externally Described files
Source Files
Physical Files, Logical Files and Join Logical Files
Field Reference Files
Database Integrity
Commitment Control and Journaling
Creating tables
Insert/Update/Delete Using SQL
Using cursors in RPG/400

CL/400: CL Control Programming
File Handling in CL/400
Handling Errors and Messages
Handling Data Areas
Overriding file Attributes and the Scope of overrides
Open Query File
String Operators
String Functions

RPG Programming (RPG/400)
Introduction to RPG/400
Operation Codes Ø Subroutines
Data Structures
Tables and Arrays
RPG Logic Cycle
Sub Files
Load All Subfile
Page Load Subfile
Expanding Subfile
Message Subfile

ILE (Integrated Language Environment)
Introduction to ILE
Advantages of ILE
ILE Program Concept
Advanced Concept of ILE
This course does not have any sections.

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