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About Program

Learn Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical Training from iteanz the market leader !

Enhance your skill set and boost your hirability through innovative and hands on Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical training with iteanz.

Experience hands-on training with industry projects during the Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical Training Course

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Iteanz Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical Training makes you an expert in Oracle Fusion Cloud-like create username/password, Account Receivables (AR), Rapid Implementation, Data Loading ADF Integrator, Account Receivables (AR)... etc.

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  • High-Quality Training
  • Top Technical Trainers
  • Comprehensive Course Curriculum
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Superb Satisfaction Score
  • Internship on Real-Time Project 
  • 3I- Individual Focus, Innovative & Interactive



  • Introduction to Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Oracle Fusion Architecture
  • Oracle Cloud Service Types
  • Types of Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Oracle Cloud deployment options

Getting Started

  • Oracle Cloud Portals (My Services & My Account)
  • Functional Setup Manager Overview
  • Fusion Offerings, Functional Areas, Features, Task Lists & Tasks

Security Console

  • Oracle Fusion Security Model (Role-Based Access Control)
  • Users Overview
  • Various User Account Types (Implementation & Functional)
  • Role  Overview  & Types of Roles in Fusion
  • Role Inheritance
  • Role Provisioning/Role Mapping
  • Security Console: Benefits/Features
  • Security Profile options
  • Reference Data Sets


  • Lookups
  • Value sets
  • Descriptive Flexfields
  • Extensive Flexfields
  • Key Flex Fields
  • Introduction to UCM Directory and Its Usages
  • Fusion Geography
  • Geography Structure
  • Geography Hierarchy
  • Geography Validation
  • Geography Data Import by Using File Activities
  • Geography Data Export by Using Scheduled Jobs

Approval Management

  • Approval Workflow Overview
  • Approval Rules
  • Approver Types
  • Approvals & Notifications
  • BPM Worklist Overview
  • Approval Management in the BPM Worklist

Data Loading (Inbound Integrations)

  • Overview of Inbound Integrations
  • Fusion Data Loaders
  • Download ADFDi Patch
  • Spread Sheet Data Loader (ADFDi)
  • File-Based Data Import  (FBDI Approach)
  • Introduction of ESS Jobs
  • Import Management
  • Inbound Automations

Data Extraction (Out Bound Integrations)

  • Overview of Fusion Reporting Tools
  • BI Publisher Architecture
  • BI Publisher: Data Model, Reports, Layouts & Templates
  • BI Publisher: Scheduling & Delivery
  • BI Report Bursting
  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Architecture
  • OTBI: Security
  • OTBI: BI Analysis, Subject Areas, Folders, and Attributes
  • OTBI: Delivering Content (Agents)
  • Outbound Automation
  • OTBI Analysis based BI Report
  • Dashboard Creation & Publish

Extending Fusion Applications

  • Fusion Applications Extensibility, Customization & Personalization
  • Sandbox Functionality

Custom Objects

  • Creation of Custom Objects
  • Data loading for Custom Objects
  • Captures the Custom Objects data from the

    back end

  • Custom Objects usage in Value sets


  • Introduction of Webservices
  • Usability of web services
  • SOAP
  • REST API's
  • SOAP 
  • SOAP Introduction
  • Structure of SOAP
  • SOAP with HTTP
  • SOAP Methods
  • REST API's
  • REST Introduction
  • Structure of REST API
  • REST Methods
  • REST with HTTP
  • Figuring out the cloud web services
  • Building the payload
  • Testing the web services (REST and SOAP)
  • Usability of Inbound Integration
  • UCM Operations Using Webservices

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We are here to help you. You will find the general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

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