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About Program

Learn Oracle Fusion HCM Training from iteanz the market leader !

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Iteanz Oracle HCM cloud training empowers trainees with the expertise that gives them an edge over their peers. It includes Oracle HCM fundamentals like functional setup manager, geographies, Enterprise HCM, position synchronization, legal address, and grade rates. Our Oracle Fusion HCM training includes real-time projects and industry-based scenarios to deliver a practical understanding of work schedules, absence plans, rate elements, donation plans, accrual plans, shared parental plans, and absence types.  Along with these, you will also master how to transform HR administrative functions like payroll, compensation, and time & labor.  Enroll in our Oracle HCM certification training to become a successful Oracle HCM Consultant. 

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  • High-Quality Training
  • Top Technical Trainers
  • Comprehensive Course Curriculum
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Superb Satisfaction Score
  • Internship on Real-Time Project 
  • 3I- Individual Focus, Innovative & Interactive


Global Human Resources

  1. Overview
  2. Introduction to the User Interface
  3. Working with Functional Setup Manager
  4. Enabling Offering and Functional areas for Implementation
  5. Defining Geographies
  6. Setting up Enterprise Structures and Enterprise Structure components(ESC)
  7. Reference Data sets and Business Units
  8. Job and Position Structures in ESC
  9. Managing Enterprise HCM Information
  10. Enabling position Synchronization
  11. Working with the Day Information and Number Generation
  12. Defining a Legal Address and Legal Entity
  13. Setting up Jobs, Position, Locations, Organizations, and Actions
  14. Defining Grades and Grade Rates
  15. Profile Options
  16. Approval Transactions and Workforce Tasklist 
  17. Person record values
  18. Administering workers, Add person and Managing employment in Global HR
  19. Using Directory, My team, and About Me work areas
  20. Updating personal information – Employee
  21. ESS and MSS
  22. Mass updates


  • Creating an Implementation Project    
  • Defining a Legal Address    
  • Defining a Legal Entity    
  • Setting up an Employment Model and Linking a Legislative Data Group to Legal Entity    
  • Creating a Set ID    
  • Creating a Business Unit    
  • Mapping Business Unit Set Assignment to Reference Data Set    
  • Creating Location, Division, Department, and Action    
  • Creating an Organization Tree    
  • Creating a Collective Agreement    
  • Creating Grade, Grade Rate, Job, and Position    
  • Hiring an employee to test the setup    
  • Managing Calendar Events and Work schedules    
  • Create a working relationship and Manage employment    
  • Transfer, terminate, and Assign an area of responsibility  

Absence Management

  1. Overview
  2. Work Shifts and Work Patterns
  3. Work Schedule and Work Schedule Assignment
  4. Accrual Plan Attributes and Participation
  5. Absence Plans 
  6. Accrual Plan
  7. Accrual Plan Participation
  8. Eligibility Profiles
  9. Derived Factors
  10. Absence Plans and Payroll
  11. Qualification Plans, Attributes, and Participation
  12. Rate Definitions and Elements
  13. Absence Management Setup Framework
  14. Compensatory Plan
  15. Donation Plan
  16. Shared Parental(Agreement) Plan
  17. Absence Types and display features
  18. Absence Certifications
  19. Managing Absence records and entitlements
  20. Schedule and Monitor absence process


  • Setting Up Basic Details for a Vacation Accrual Plan
  • Creating a Length of Service Derived Factor
  • Creating an Eligibility Profile
  • Associating the Eligibility Profile with the Vacation Plan
  • Creating Weekly Repeating Time Periods
  • Defining a Band Matrix for the Accrual Plan
  • Setting Adjustment Options for the Vacation Plan
  • Creating a Maternity Qualification Plan
  • Creating an Eligibility Profile for the Maternity Plan
  • Associating an Eligibility Profile with the Maternity Plan
  • Defining an Entitlement Matrix for the Qualification Plan
  • Activating the Absence Plans
  • Creating a Certification Requirement
  • Creating a Maternity Absence Type
  • Creating a Vacation Absence Type

Time & Labour

  1. Overview
  2. Managing elements and Creating a custom time attribute
  3. Value Sets
  4. Time Card Fields
  5. Repeating time periods
  6. Time consumer sets
  7. Time categories
  8. Layout Sets
  9. HCM Groups
  10. Worker Time entry Setup Profiles
  11. Time rules and rule sets
  12. Rule templates
  13. Worker time processing setup profiles
  14. Using Time and Labor with Payroll
  15. Configuring and processing time collection devices
  16. Administering Mass Time Reporting Approvals & Exceptions


  • Creating Custom Time Attribute
  • Assignment and Meal Taken Single-Attribute Time Card Fields
  • Editing the Hours Type (T&L) Time Card Field
  • Configuring the Absence and Payroll Layout Set
  • Creating the Include as Direct Member Group
  • Creating the Full-Time Regular and Grade for Supervisor Group
  • Creating the Weekly Payroll Worker Time Entry Setup Profile
  • Troubleshooting the Weekly Payroll Worker Time Entry Profile Assignment
  • Creating Repeating Time Periods
  • Creating the Payroll Time Consumer Set
  • Creating Time Categories
  • Creating Weekly Payroll Maximum and Minimum Time Entry Rules
  • Creating a Weekly Payroll Time Entry Rule Set
  • Creating a Daily Overtime Calculation Rule
  • Creating a Weekly Overtime Calculation Rule
  • Creating an Overtime Calculation Rule Set
  • Creating the Weekly Payroll Worker Time Processing Profile
  • Troubleshooting the Weekly Payroll Worker Time
  • Editing and Submitting the Saved Time Card
  • Adjusting Time Entries on a Time Card
  • Approving and Transferring Time Data to Global Payroll
  • Creating web clock buttons
  • Updating the Payroll Layout Set
  • Entering Time with the Web Clock
  • Generating and Viewing the Web Clock Time Card
  • Creating a Time Collection Device Supplier Lookup Code
  • Creating Supplier Device Event Lookup Codes
  • Creating Time Device Event Mappings
  • Creating a Time Device Event Mapping Set
  • Setting Shift Limits
  • Creating a Time Device Rule
  • Creating a Time Device Rule Set
  • Creating a Time Submission Rule and Rule Set
  • Creating a Time Device Processing Profile
  • Running the Export Time Device Data Configuration Process
  • Generating Time Events
  • Generating a Time Card with Time Device Events
  • Resolving Time Entry Exceptions
  • Finalizing and approving the time card


a) Introduction
b) Pay Frequencies
   (i) Payroll Definitions
   (ii) Time Definitions
c) Payroll Elements
   (i) Elements Overview
   (ii) Input Values and Various Rules
   (iii) Payroll Deductions
d) Element Entries and Calculation Cards
e) Fast Formulas
   (i) User-Defined Tables and Fast formula Overview
   (ii) Creating Fast Formulas
f) Balances
   (i) Balance Definitions
   (ii) Balance Dimensions
   (iii) Balance Feeds
g) Calculate Payroll
h) Event Groups
i) Payment Methods
   (i) Personal Payment Method
   (ii) Third Parties
   (iii) Third-Party Payment Methods
j) Payroll Costing
k) Payroll Calculations
l) Payroll Batch Loader
m) Retroactive Changes
n) Balance Adjustments
o) Payslip Review
p) Object Groups
q) Payroll Flow Patterns
r) Payroll Business Definitions
s) Security for Payroll


  • Creating Consolidation Group
  • Creating Weekly and semi-monthly Payroll Definition
  • Hiring employees
  • Creating Shift earnings element
  • Creating Semi-monthly flex earnings element
  • Creating an on-call earnings element
  • Creating a fitness center deduction element
  • Creating a uniform deduction element
  • Creating element entries employees hired
  • Creating Calculation cards for an involuntary deduction
  • Creating a Balance definition
  • Updating a Balance definition for elements
  • Calculating weekly payroll and viewing results
  • Updating employee salary
  • Creating an organization, personal, third party payment methods
  • Creating Costing for the Semi-monthly Flex Element
  • Creating an Element and Payroll relationship group
  • Creating a Payroll Flo0w Pattern
  • Entering and transferring Batch data
  • Processing the payroll flow and verifying the payslips
  • Updating the salary and viewing the retroactive event
  • Adjusting a tax balance and viewing the adjusted balance
  • Calculating the Supplemental Bonus Payroll
  • Creating Element Entries for a Separate Payment


a) Overview
b) Eligibility Profiles
c) Elements, Balances, and Formulas
d) Define and Manage Base Pay
    i) Grade Rate
    ii) Progression Grade Ladders
    iii) Manage Base Pay
    iv) Editing Salaries in the Integrated Workbook
e) Define and Manage individual compensation
    i) Using Actions with Base Pay and Compensation
    ii) Individual Compensation Plans
    iii) Compensation History
f) Workforce compensation plans
    i) Overview
    ii) Budgets
    iii) Worksheets
    iv) Models and reports
g) Total Compensation statements
h) Compensation Items
i) Statement definitions


  • Creating the Min 1 Year of Service Derived Factor
  • Creating the FTE Eligibility Profile
  • Creating the Min 1 Year Eligibility Profile
  • Creating the Bonus Earnings Element

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We are here to help you. You will find the general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

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