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About Program

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Puppet is designed to manage the configuration of Unix-like and Microsoft Windows systems decoratively. The user describes system resources and their state, either using Puppet’s declarative language or a Ruby DSL (domain-specific language). This information is stored in files called “Puppet manifests”. Puppet discovers the system information via a utility called Factor and compiles the Puppet manifests into a system-specific catalog containing resources and resource dependency, which are applied against the target systems. Any actions taken by Puppet are then reported.

Join iteanz to Up-Skill on the most popular programming language Puppet!

These days when looking to automate the setup and maintenance of even the simplest infrastructure you will typically end up with a decision between two popular configuration management tools, puppet, and Chef. There are other tools, some of which have been around much longer. However, recently the pace at which both Puppet and Chef’s development has increased indicates they’re both rapidly growing.

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  • Top Technical Trainers
  • Comprehensive Course Curriculum
  • 100% Placement Assistance
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  • Internship on Real-Time Project 
  • 3I- Individual Focus, Innovative & Interactive


1. Introduction To Puppet

      • Evolution of Infrastructure
      • How Puppet can help to manage this Infrastructure
      • Puppet Overview

2. Setting Up Learning Environment

      • Installing VirtualBox
      • Installing Vagrant
      • Importing Base Box
      • Additional Setup Tasks</l

3. Resources, RALs, And Manifests

      • Understand Puppet Resources
      • Resource Abstraction Layer
      • Manifests

4. Modules, Ordering, And The Trifecta

      • Write Nginx Module
      • Modules Overview

5. Modules Continued

      • Classes Overview
      • Ordering Resources
      • Resource Trifecta – Package, File, and Service

6. Variables And Facts

      • Variables
      • Facts

7. Conditionals

      • Overview of Conditionals and Puppet Language
      • If ElseCaseSelectors
      • More Conditionals and Logic

8. Templates

      • Static Contents Explosion
      • Using Dynamic Content with Templates
      • Templates Overview
      • ERB

9. Code Compression With Defined Types And Classes

      • Code Compression Technique
      • ArraysDefined Types
      • Classes
      • Parameterized Classes

10. Puppet Master

      • Agent
      • Master
      • Agent Model
      • Installation
      • Configuring Master
      • Master
      • Agent Workflow<

11. Puppet Forge

12. Hiera

      • Introduction to Hiera
      • Separating data from code with hierarchical key-value lookup
      • Install and configure Hiera
      • Using Hiera inside manifests

13. Mcollective

      • Introduction to mcollective
      • Mcollective walkthrough

14. Geppetto IDE

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We are here to help you. You will find the general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

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