Why Outsource SAP: An Executive’s Guide

Anyone in business can rattle off a few basic reasons to outsource IT infrastructure. There’s decreased cost and complexity, increased flexibility and the opportunity to optimize your core vs. context approach to better utilize company resources. But many businesses who internally host and manage their SAP system miss the powerful, strategic benefits specific to SAP outsourcing. Why outsource SAP? Not for the things it helps you do better, but for the things you can’t do without it.  

Why Outsource SAP?

Outsourcing SAP decreases disruption during upgrades and migrations.

Most businesses realize that making mistakes is......

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SAP IoT Connects the World to Enable the Business

SAP plans to accelerate innovation in its IoT solution portfolio, increase sales and marketing, scale service, support and co-innovation, and grow its ecosystem of partners and startups in the IoT market, which is estimated to reach €250 billion by 2020. “With billions of connected devices, we now have the potential to reshape society, the economy and the environment,” said Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP. “SAP HANA is the data platform we knew would unlock the Internet of Things. Today SAP is making another bold investment to help our customers seize the benefits of 
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Overcoming SAP Blockchain Implementation Challenges

Blockchain Standardization Challenges

shutterstock_466039817Bitcoin’s blockchain technology is becoming increasingly pervasive. Indeed its potential is touted across the board, from the NanoInternet of Things to the Industrial Internet of Things, providing businesses with vast opportunities to innovate and create new products. But because blockchain technology is so unprecedented, enterprises all over are confronting problems related to standardization and integration of the blockchain into the enterprise. As a result, initiatives are......

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